Synthesising the effects of land use on natural and managed landscapes. (Thackway and Specht 2015) 

VAST-2 BROCHURE (Thackway 2015)
Succinct answers to frequently asked questions of the VAST-2 system. Presents an example of results. Explanation of how results might be used for reporting and for engaging land managers in how to change vegetation condition by changing land management practices.

VAST-2 HANDBOOK (Thackway 2014)
Thackway, R. (2014). VAST-2 Tracking the Transformation of Vegetated Landscapes, Handbook for recording site-based effects of land use and land management practices on the condition of native plant communities, Version 3.0, June 2014. Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network. The University of Queensland, Brisbane. pp35.

ACEAS FINAL REPORT (Thackway 2012)
Visiting sabbatical fellowship. 

TERN NEWSLETTER (Thackway 2012)




Describing and Mapping Human-Induced Vegetation Change in the Australian Landscape  (Thackway and Lesslie 2008)

Reporting vegetation condition using the Vegetation Assets, States and Transitions (VAST) framework  (Thackway and Lesslie 2006)

VAST framework (Thackway and Lesslie 2005)




Tracking Anthropogenic Influences on the Condition of Plant Communities at Sites and Landscape Scales (Thackway 2016 - Intech Chapter 6)

Chapter 5  Responding to Change — Criteria and Indicators for Managing the Transformation of Vegetated Landscapes to Maintain or Restore Ecosystem Diversity (Yapp & Thackway 2015 - Intech Chapter 5)