Provides an account of the drivers that degrade and restore landscape functions in Australia. Ten case studies are presented representing all 10 agro-climatic regions. 

Journal article

(Thackway and Freudenberger 2016)


Journal article

(Thackway & Specht 2015)

Synthesising the effects of land use on natural and managed landscapes.  Science of The Total Environment. 



VAST-2 Brochure

(Thackway 2015)

Succinct answers to frequently asked questions of the VAST-2 system. Presents an example of results.



VAST-2 Handbook

(Thackway 2014)

VAST-2 Handbook for recording site-based effects of land use and land management practices on the condition of native plant communities.


Development of VAST-2

(Thackway 2012)

Transformation of Australia’s vegetated landscapes: the development of VAST-2. Visiting sabbatical fellowship, ACEAS final project report


Overview of

(Thackway 2012)

Tracking the transformation of vegetated landscapes. TERN newsletter ACEAS final project report



Journal article

(Yapp, Walker & Thackway 2010)

Linking vegetation type and condition to ecosystem goods and services. Ecological Complexity


Journal article

(Thackway & Lesslie 2008)

Describing and Mapping Human-Induced Vegetation Change in the Australian Landscape. Environmental Management


Journal article

(Thackway & Lesslie 2006)

Reporting vegetation condition using the Vegetation Assets, States and Transitions (VAST) framework. Ecological Management & Restoration


Overview of VAST

(Thackway & Lesslie 2005)

Reporting vegetation condition using the Vegetation Assets, States and Transitions (VAST) framework. Bureau of Rural Sciences



Book chapter in 'Landscape ecology' - linking VAST-2 & VAST

(Thackway 2016)

Tracking Anthropogenic Influences on the Condition of Plant Communities at Sites and Landscape Scales; in Landscape Ecology - The Influences of Land Use and Anthropogenic Impacts of Landscape Creation. Chapter 6, Intech


Book chapter in 'Biodiversity-in-ecosystems-linking-structure-and-function' - linking VAST-2 & VAST

(Yapp & Thackway 2015)

Responding to Change — Criteria and Indicators for Managing the Transformation of Vegetated Landscapes to Maintain or Restore Ecosystem Diversity; in Biodiversity-in-ecosystems-linking-structure-and-function, Chapter 5. Intech